Welcome to One Heart Waking

There comes a time in your personal and professional life when your systems may have broken down, or just served their purpose…

Perhaps now it is time for you to remove obstacles and re-direct your energies to:

      • Clarify & Simplify your Deeper Vision
      • Communicate Clearly and Fully
      • Experience Satisfaction

Realign your  professional, organizational and personal vision 

with simplicity, clarity, integrity 

and purpose.

Jaimy Weiler-Founder

Working with One Heart Waking

With One Heart Waking, you will discover hidden strengths, make forward-thinking decisions and take actions that bring results.

  • Individual & Executive Consulting
  • Communication Dynamics & Issue Resolution
  • Discussion Groups
  • Workshops
  • Interactive Lectures and Talks
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Light through the Heart

LTTH Cover-original-cropped

Light through the Heart

This book calls us to gently wake ourselves up and become the glorious global citizens we are truly meant to be.  The 31 pieces found within this book lend themselves to daily reading and contemplation.

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