JCW-2011-Web-croppedONE HEART WAKING  and Jaimy Weiler


Deepening in Excellence—–Awakening the Heart


Through One Heart Waking, I work with people to uncover and bring forward the depth of excellence that is within each one of us.

Our business world and personal economies suffer when we loose our balance in pursuit of success, intellect and profit at the expense of our compassionate wisdom, deep quality, organizational excellence and daily sense of well-being.

In my work with leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations, I provide assistance as you increase:

Often anxiety, confusion and stalled decision making result from a lack of clarity. Clear direction, clear communication and clear intent bring an openness to move forward. Clarity is a form of success.

Integrity is a necessary component of business…  It brings depth, fulfillment and financial success. How do you identify, offer and experience integrity? How do you inspire others to do the same? Integrity generates financial well-being.

When many diverging paths are available – all rich and full of possibilities, which path do you choose? Simplicity creates choice.

Being in unwavering alignment with your deepest purpose will guide and sustain you in your daily decisions and actions.  Faithfulness to your purpose leads to greater peace and determination.



“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak.”
~Hans Hofmann


I started One Heart Waking out of my passion for continuous improvement and my deep desire for us all to have the skills we need to treat each other, ourselves and our organizations with respect and intelligence.  It is time for us to experience day-to-day well-being and satisfaction coupled with solid financial success.  These are not mutually exclusive…   even in the face of our experiences to the contrary…

In addition to consulting, I offer workshops on Communication, Money, Power, Process & Product Quality, and Work-Life Improvement.  And, as a speaker, I feel called to shed light and clarity on these same topics in a manner that is useful and engaging.

As a writer and published author, I value the process of discovery, inspiration and insight available through writing. It is a tool that we often overlook, thinking that we need to be “a writer” to make use of it. This is not my experience in working with clients, or as facilitator of writing groups and workshops.  Nearly everyone can make use of writing as a tool of discovery and clarity!  I am the author of the book, “Light through the Heart” which calls us to wake ourselves up to the many fundamental and simple ways that we can bring our best Self to life.

I am the current and founding President of the Oakland County Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a national organization with a growing presence across the United States and Canada. Please visit our Chamber webpage to learn more…

6-HR CroppedMy diverse professional background supports me in my work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders, specializing in the legal, financial, marketing and healthcare industries.

Before starting One Heart Waking in 2000, I spent many years in the field of Manufacturing and Financial Systems analysis, design and implementation.  I have lead/managed others in the areas of Process Quality Assurance, Software Design, Product Development, Project Management and Implementation, and Operations Management for both local and international software development firms.  I also have experience as a healthcare provider which brings a deep sense of holism and balance to my work. Additional employment experiences in hospitality staff management, public relations, writing, and publication design & layout help round-out my perspective and give me additional insights into business and its many functions…