Discussion Groups

SS# 30219001-HRComing together in groups for awakened discussion is a rich and useful way to bring light and creativity to any situation that we may be addressing in our business lives.

Whether it is something that may exist within ourselves, or opportunities and challenges that we experience within the business itself, a safe and inspired group setting is ideal for discovering appropriate and satisfying next steps.

In One Heart Waking discussion groups we learn to listen more deeply and to participate in more balanced ways. We move to the edge of our current awareness, and then just beyond… into new solutions.

…Would you like to participate?…

Currently, there are 3 groups which meet at the One Heart Waking office here in Michigan:

  • Tuesday evening Writers Group
  • Wednesday evening Business Discussion Group
  • Friday mid-day Leadership Effectiveness Group

Each group meets weekly, and through our consistent attendance and respectful intent, we create an environment that enriches us all… and supports us as we each bring our deeper heart of excellence and success into our business lives.


Please contact me if you are interested any of these groups.

~ Jaimy