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Awakening the Heart – Deepening in Excellence


Whether for yourself, your management team or your entire organization, as an experienced Business and Executive consultant I offer:

  • Individual and Executive Consulting that clarifies and brings simplicity to your vision & intent… and to more fully express the heart and integrity of your business
    This may also involve Team & Process Development which streamlines your structures, systems, and business operations… leading to straight-forward, useful processes & procedures.
  • Communication Dynamics and Issue Resolution to uncover and remove hidden dynamics & obstacles… setting a foundation for on-going respect & cooperation.  This includes interactive education on the how-to’s of clear, useful and self-responsible communication 
  • Workshops that stimulate growth, innovation and the fulfillment of your short and long-term goals
  • Discussion groups to increase clarity, integrity and the ease of access to solutions
  • Interactive Lectures and Talks for those occasions when more formal group education or inspiration is called for


“The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.”
– Saint Augustine


Some Indicators of a Readiness for Change:

  • Feeling out of control of  your direction or that of your business
  • Doubting the loyalty and intention of people
  • Experiencing chaos and inconsistency 
  • Life seems  driven by emergencies and “behind the eight ball” situations
  • Loss of solid footing during times of growth and expansion
  • Experiencing difficulty with personnel, clients or vendors
  • Feeling bored
  • Wanting to “chuck it” and move to a tropical location!
  • Feeling undermined and disrespected by people, or by life itself
  • Being controlled by market forces and experiencing a loss of vision
  • Drowning in minutia


I work consistently to bring the following values into the work I offer,
and encourage my clients to do the same.



Often anxiety, confusion and stalled decision making result from a lack of clarity. Clear direction, clear communication and clear intent bring an openness to move forward. Clarity is a form of success.

Integrity is a necessary component of business…  It brings depth, fulfillment and financial success. How do you identify, offer and experience integrity? How do you inspire others to do the same? Integrity generates financial well-being.

When many diverging paths are available – all rich and full of possibilities, which path do you choose? Simplicity creates choice.

Being in unwavering alignment with your deepest purpose will guide and sustain you in your daily decisions and actions. Faithfulness to your purpose leads to greater peace and determination.