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One Heart Waking consulting services offer opportunities to create solutions to the issues that block or limit your and your successes.

There are untapped opportunities available in every business.

Working with One Heart Waking supports your increasing awareness of human dynamics and organizational functions, both within yourself and your business, allowing the full potential of your vision and excellence to come to life.

 “Life is full of obstacle illusions.” 
~Grant Frazier 

Individual and Executive Consulting  

In one-to-one consulting we take a look at outcomes that your are not yet experiencing and systematically identify and evaluate the obstacles in your way.  These obstacles may be obvious or hidden, in your business systems/environment, or within your own self.  In this process, we will ask some of the following questions:

  • Are you bringing out the best in yourself and others?
  • Are your systems, process and procedures simple, effective and followed?
  • Are you satisfied?  What do you really want?
  • Is your vision clear…are your actions consistent with it?

Your deep answers to these questions lead us to explore outside common convention…where we find relief for broken-down systems, solutions to well-worn blocks & limitations and the means & methods to implement them.


Communication Dynamics and Issue Resolution

Whenever two or more people collaborate, there will be hidden dynamics. We all have personal styles, points of view and core values that come into play as we communicate and work together.    At some level, we experience and interpret our lives so uniquely that we often come together with different and often conflicting conscious and unconscious expectations.

Addressing these hidden differences is an essential key to creating synergistic and collaborative teams & experiences. One Heart Waking facilitates the discovery and resolution of these essential dynamics so that the true needs of all participants are met.  By supporting each person equally, tensions and frictions diminish, and authentic requirements begin to show themselves. And when our authentic needs are known, they are much more easily and simply satisfied.


Please contact me if you are experiencing a desire to move forward, stress, discomfort in any of these areas.