One Heart Waking workshops offer a richness and fullness available when we explore and learn together in groups, no matter the size.

In addition to the material presented, insights and new awareness are brought forward by the intelligence, experience, and participation of the people attending.  Lasting, experiential learning also comes from making use of the communication dynamics of the group itself during the workshops process.  I believe in and use my skills to offer a collaborative facilitation method which supports this process of deep, permanent learning.

In One Heart Waking workshops we look for, and find, solutions to many of the source issues that hold us back in our businesses and professional lives.

Workshop Topics Include:

*  The Many Purposes of CommunicationSS#-54954883
*  Simplicity and Clarity
*  Examining the Subtext
*  Listening
*  Communication & Power Dynamics
*  Body Language & Timing
*  The Written Word
*  Speaking in Meetings, in Groups and in Public
*  Is it Business or Personal?
*  The Broader Impact of our Communications

SS# 12447352

* Solid Foundations
* Simplicity and Order
* Authenticity and Integrity
* Discipline and Effectiveness
* Product and Service Quality
* Optimizing Change
* Understanding Momentum
* Marketing and Delivery Systems
*Excellence and Money

Eagle-HighRes* Beyond Right and Wrong
* Escaping the Limits of Power
* Foundations for Unlimited Growth and Expansion
* Money and Power
* Power versus Empowerment

* Goal Setting
* Project Planning/Systems Thinking
* Commitment & Project Investment
* Waste
* Holding a Consistent Vision
* Progress Management/Sustainable Production
* Work-Life Well-Being
* Dealing with Obstacles, Fear and Distractions (inner and outer)
* Quality
* Handling Success


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